Who we are

Casa Vinicola Quignones is the product of the passionate and kind work of Alfredo Quignones , which is pursuing a project started by his great-grandfather in 1800, aiming today to the production of natural wines that offer a different expression of Sicily, through the use of rare vareties and special methods of vinification and aging. We are proudly small producers of wine and extra virgin olive oil, tied to traditional practices such as rigorous hand picked and patient aging of wines.

Our wines are the fruit of a love story between the hills where our vineyards mature and the sea. The one opposite to the other for centuries. The hill cloaked the sun and the superb nature, sighs aiming the immense sea, he watches her from afar, blowing above it a breeze, sometimes sweet sometimes powerful, charged of her perfume. Ancient landscapes that stretch over 100 hectares in the more authentic and less known Sicily, lands laden with thousands of years of history, and which belong to the family Quignones for over four centuries. To make a good wine takes time. In every bottle we always put a little, so that by adding your to our time , so you can enjoy too. Perhaps this is the magic that a bottle of wine is capable of creating. There are no secrets, just love, nature, time and effort.